Can Breast Implants Be Damaged By Laser Hair Removal

Those stupid stray hairs just keep coming back no matter how many times you shave, pluck or wax. You’ve tried everything but botox injections because you are afraid it will damage your breast implants. A laser is hot and intense- wouldn’t it melt or pop the implant by doing this? Your imagination goes into overdrive as you remember that scene from Star Wars where the death-star targets a planet with its lasers and the planet explodes into oblivion.

Ok, now you picture this happening inside your body and you decide perhaps you can live with those stray hairs. Here’s an actuality check that should put your mind at make better. First of all, you should know how the laser works. The area being treated is very specific and the light from the laser is attracted to dark pigments such as the melanin in your hair.

The light is actually absorbed by the hair and then travels over the follicle killing it. The opinion is like a sharp burning pinch, but it isn’t unbearable. The actual involving pain you feel s dependent upon the sensitivity of epidermis and the place from whereit is removed. After several treatments, the procedure will offer you permanent hair removal or at least lighten or reduce its cash.

centros de depilacion laser surrounding skin is unharmed because it is attracted to the dark pigment, if you have light-colored hair or are dark-skinned, this procedure will not work well for you may. If you have breast implants, no matter what how close to the breast the laser becoming performed; it will not affect the implants. Whilst laser is intense, around the globe not so intense as to penetrate any deeper than the follicle.

You also possess a good deal of tissue, fat and possibly muscle protecting the implant from damage. One thing you do ought know is that if you recently got implants and desire to use the laser therapy, you should wait until anyone could have healed from the surgery. This could be the laser doesn’t aggravate the incisions and cause possible scarring and hyper-pigmentation.